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Coronavirus - COVID-19 UPDATE

Beginning Thursday, March 19th, we will be changing our schedules so that appointments for Well Child Checks and other non-sick appointments take place only in the mornings. Children with any type of illness (respiratory, fever, headache, pink eye, stomach, etc) will be seen in the afternoons. 

This schedule will be in place at least through April 6th. 

We will be calling all patients with previously scheduled appointments to reschedule to the mornings when needed.

Our goal is to safely keep vaccinating children and providing all the health care your child needs, while also taking care of our patients who are ill during these difficult times. 

Please know that we are isolating any patients with any known risk of having COVID-19 in a completely separate area of our office.

Please continue to check our Facebook page and website often for additional updates.

For more information about COVID-19 please go here for more information or click on the "Coronavirus" button in the banner above.

Effective Monday March 16, we are putting our walk-in clinic on hold. Please call for all appointments until further notice. On Monday our phones will be on starting at 8:00 AM to take appointments.

Social distancing is the primary method to combat Coronavirus (COVID-19) and by limiting the amount of unknown cases in our waiting room we believe this is the safest course of action for our patients & their families.

We will still be seeing all patients but please call ahead for appointments so that we can properly plan for any potential COVID-19 cases that may need to be seen and minimize the impact on all patients and staff that are in the office.

According to all the leading scientific information available (WHO, CDC, etc) the COVID-19 symptoms are usually very mild for children and the outcome is a return to full health. There are no cases of any children under the age of 9 that have not recovered. For most healthy young adults this will be no different than dealing with a common cold or mild flu.

However, for older adults, especially those with other pre-existing conditions this virus can cause serious complications, including death. Therefore it’s important to limit exposure and reduce the spread of this virus as much as possible.

We will provide more updates as needed so please check back often.


Call ahead and schedule an appointment if you'd like to get a flu shot. 



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