Appointment Request

Please call our office at (413) 663-8365 to schedule an appointment with us today!

Although some practices allow web-based appointment scheduling, we feel we can give you the best care if you call and talk with our staff.

We weigh many factors in deciding where and when to see you and which provider can best help you. These include:

+ Should you be seen by the first available doctor, or wait to see your primary physician?

+ Considering the most convenient time for you … but also trying to create a schedule that limits time in our waiting room!

+ Do you need an appointment at all or is “watchful waiting” at home a better choice for you and your child?

+ Is this a more complex issue that will require an extended appointment slot?

+ Is this an acute issue is better cared for in the Emergency Department rather than coming to our office?

+ And much more.

Try these tips to make scheduling and communication easier:

Schedule your child’s next physical or recheck when you leave your appointment.

Sign up for our Patient Portal and communicate with us electronically in a secure fashion. Ask how at our front desk. 
At this time Well Child Checks and immunization clinic appointments can be scheduled online. With more to come! 
If you're looking to schedule a visit for a different reason you can send in an appointment request via the portal.  

MyChart Patient Portal