Timothy Briggs, LICSW

Hello! My name is Tim Briggs, and I am a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW) and a new Behavioral Health Clinician, here at Northern Berkshire Pediatrics. I come from a multigenerational family who have lived within Northern Berkshire County for over 100 years. This is the place where my wife Alecia and I choose to raise our four children and plan on retiring here. I enjoy playing golf, riding bicycles, playing Magic the Gathering and camping at the ocean with my family. 

After finishing my bachelors degree at Mass College of Liberal Arts, I immediately attended Springfield College, School for Social Work and received a Master degree in Social Work. My experience working with children, families, adults and substance abuse have prepared me for the work necessary at Northern Berkshire Pediatrics. I have learned to utilize a multimodal approach of Trauma informed, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) and motivational Interviewing to help my client’s see the full potential within themselves and utilize skill building for change. 

As a parent myself, I understand how it can feel to not have all the answers. I realize that at times, our children have heavy stress weighing on them and we may not be able to help them as much as we would like. That the current difficulties within our community have laid heavy social emotional burdens on our children, and as a parent all we want to do is make it better for our youngsters. There is help. 

If you are interested in helping your youngster make some positive change or just want to see if meeting with a Behavioral Health Clinician can be helpful to you and your family, please contact your child’s pediatrician for an appointment.