Breast Feeding

We at Northern Berkshire Pediatrics strongly support breast-feeding for our families with newborns and infants. Our local hospitals, including Berkshire Medical Center and Southern Vermont Medical Center, have excellent lactation services for our mom’s who deliver there. We strongly suggest you request a breast- feeding consult after delivery.

Once you and your newborn have left the delivery ward, we partner closely with Berkshire Nursing Families to help you successfully breastfeed for as long as you and your baby wish.

Berkshire Nursing Families (BNF) is a multi-award winning non-profit that provides lactation and parenting support throughout our area and is always free of charge.

They provide consultations in our pediatric offices, in your home and at their offices at the North Campus of Berkshire Medical Center and the WIC office in Pittsfield. They also sponsor weekly playgroups and coordinate their Teen to 23 Project which connects young parents with peer support and parenting tools.

For more information Contact Rosalie Girard and her team at 413-743-5338 or at